Relatel iFrame API

Required product: Switch Premium
Using the iFrame API, Relatel can automatically open a website directly in the context of an incoming call. Use this to extract information from your backend system about the call and show it to the agent, for instance.

  1. How it works
  2. Requirements
  3. Size of the iframe
  4. Link to install
Relatel iFrame API

How it works

When installing the iframe extension, specify a URL for us to query when the agent is viewing a detail page for a call.

The call number is available as a query parameter.

In other words for this URL:

We issue a GET request to:

Where 4571999999 is the number of the opposing party. All phone numbers are prefixed with their appropriate country code and have no leading zeros.


Some browsers block content from non-HTTPS endpoints, so make sure your endpoint uses HTTPS.

Size of the iframe

The iframe frame is a responsive square via a variable width.

To make the frame height match that of your content, include this JavaScript just before the closing </body> tag in your HTML.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you manually update the frame height, this function can readjust it:


Link to install

The end user doesn’t have to know what iframes are to use them. Just give them an install link like:

Where the parameters are:

Name Description
Your product / integration name
A HTTPS URL the iFrame should load. Keep the access secure by passing an authentication token in the query parameters.
"Integrates X service"
A description of what the iframe integrates into Relatel.
An optional icon URL.